My formal education resulted in Bachelor degrees in Applied Biology and Secondary Education.  I’ve been employed mainly in the fields of medicine, education, and accounting.  Throughout most of my life, art and craft work has been my personal therapy.  Using basic scientific principles to create art is incredibly satisfying!
Jewlery Artisan
Jeanine Winters-Deiling
Specialty: Jewlery artisan.  Beads and bead making - lamp work.  Designing and weaving gorgeous jewlery and designs.  Custom Work.

                                           Media: Glass,                                                             Gemstones, Fossils,                                                    Metals, Wire.   
Beauty, delicacy, ethereal qualities, daintiness and fine detail are very important to my designs and reflect my personal preference in what I wear and am most attracted to.  My most satisfying designs are those that combine stones, glass and metals.  The transparency and sparkle of glass compliments and enhances the earthiness of the stones thus imparting a balance and synchronicity that pleases the eye and soul.  The metals provide an overall accent or structural element continuous with the natural flow of each piece.  Inspiration stems from the beautiful interrelationships between math and science in our world.
Having lived in Alaska for 19 years, I had the good fortune to experience the most beautiful flora and fauna of the world 
every single day.  

My adventures in Beadwork actually started in 1994 when I met an Athabascan artist selling beadwork at an art show in Anchorage.  Her beautiful jewelry was entrancing and reminded me of the enjoyment I derived from stringing love beads as a teenager.  
Beads were back!  And they became my passion.  Over the years, my work has evolved as my zeal and creativity have grown.  I search for and use unusual glass and stones in my designs and tend to favor, vintage,dichroic, lampworked & fused glass, gemstones, fossils and Swarovski crystals.  Bead weaving and wirework accentuate the beauty of the beads nicely.  

I’ve taken up lampworked bead making over the last couple of years, and fused glass work over the last few months, which I consider a natural extension of my passion for glass, science and organic forms.
My hope is that those who wear my designs share in the tranquility and joy with which they were made.