The versatility of Glass as a medium
 is as good as it gets.  The magic of 
Glass encompasses such a large 
range. It can be functional, 
non-functional, transparent, opaque, 
crushed, cut, sliced, powdered, bent, 
poured, liquefied, shaped, melted, 
solitified, textured, or glossy smooth…intriguing to say the least!   I became interested and curious about glass a few years ago on a trip to Canada where I encountered different pieces of glass art that intrigued and engaged my being.  I pursued this venue by visiting with a glass artist and was thoroughly convinced that this area was far too complicated and foreign to fit into my life at that time.  Like all good seeds, this inkling took root and today I find myself knee deep in the trenches of the glass world.  I have only been on this journey for over a year and I am anxious to keep pursuing this intriguing medium.  
Mary Knapp

Specialty:  One of a kind fused glass sculpture.  Fun and functional fused glass jewlery, paper weights, trays, vases.

Media: Fused glass
I have a passion for the visual arts!  My day job is in Education. I have been an Elementary Art Teacher for 22 years.  I was born and raised in western South Dakota and acquired BS degree from Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD.  In 1993 I received my Masters degree at Leslie. I have taken numerous workshops in the past years and belong to many professional organizations. The center of my life is my home, family and working in my studio. 

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work and share the gallery space with all of the other fine artists in the Sandstone Gallery. Thanks for taking the interest and the time to visit our web site!