Mary Hopper
Specialty:  One of a kind pottery pieces.  Thrown on a potter's wheel or hand built.  
Theme decorated with mountains and animals.  Simple and fully functional.  

Media: Pottery, clay
I’m Mary Hopper, a farm girl from 
Illinois.  And if you ask me “What 
brings you to Montana?”  
I’ll answer, “Got tired of looking at 
corn fields!”  But in reality it is the 
MOUNTAINS!  I also watched all 
those old western movies and 
shows on TV when I was a kid.  
That really put the dream in my 

In 1994 I made that dream come 
true and moved out here to Billings.  “Did I 
know anybody?” you asked.  
“No, but I did have a job at JC Penney Styling Salon, and a room at Motel 6.”  Don’t worry.  I’m still at JC Penney, but I’m no longer at Motel 6.  Since then I have bought a house and settled in, you might say. 

As for my art, I have always drawn, so after cosmetology school and moving to St. Louis, I started art classes at the junior college there.  Years later, in 1988, I received my degree in Art Education from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL.  While I was at the university, I got involved with clay and from then on I’ve been “hooked”!!

I enjoy Warren Mackenzie pots – the simplicity, function, and art form.  You might say I keep my art form the same – simple and functional.  I started painting on plates and cups when I was still at the university.  Landscapes are my favorite subject to paint and draw.  Elements of the landscape have been the natural subject for my pottery.

My pottery pieces are one-of-a-kind, thrown on a potter’s wheel or hand built.  This unique piece of pottery is fully functional and meant to be used and enjoyed.  Since I have moved to Montana, the decorative paintings on my pots have gone to the “mountains and animals” theme.  After all, that is why I moved out here in the first place.

My studio is in my home, here pottery and other pieces of fine art are on display.  An appointment may be made to view the collection and choose your unique pieces for home and cabin.  I would love to show you a more complete sample of my work.