Madelein Bladow

Specialty: I paint what appeals to me and hope my work interests others as well.  A varied subject range, landscapes, abstracts and collages.

Media: Transparent watercolors
Madelein spent 25 years as a teacher at Senior High School in Billings, Montana.  After retiring from teaching, Madelein found time to pursue her interest in art.  She has taken a variety of workshops including those from Allen Servoss, Tony Couch, Susan Blackwood, and Mike Capser.  Mary Blain has been her mentor and inspiration.  For the past 14 years, Madelein has been an assistant for Mary's outdoor watercolor workshop in Cooke City and also displays in the Blain Gallery.  Madelein belongs to the Billings Art Association and is a member of the Montana Watercolor Outfit.  
I am not a sophisticated painter.  I paint what appeals to me and hope my work interests other people enough for them to enjoy it.  I work primarily in transparent watercolors, but I am interested in new water media techniques.  My subject range is varied and includes landscapes, abstracts and collages.