Lana Bittner
While a novice in watercolor technique, color and design, I painted only realism and had the desire to transform my paintings to perfection, however  recognition and awards in area art shows, my style development and growth has come in the contemporary “impressionistic” and “abstract” categories, allowing the movement of water and paint create the sketch for me.
Specialty:  Contemporary "impressionistic" and "abstract" paintings allowing the movement of water and paint to create the piece of art.
Media: Watercolor
My passion for art was hidden for a number of years, but several years ago while passing a watercolor class that was in session, I was drawn like a magnet to the creativity this medium provided, thus I began to paint.
Continued support from my family and friends has provided enjoyment in the learning and sharing of ideas, and has given me confidence in expressing and develop my creativity in my paintings and once again FOLLOW MY PASSION!

Banking was my career for many years and leaving this profession  enabled me to pursue an even greater interest in the arts.  Previously, I looked at the mountains, florals, landscapes, but now I REALLY look at these sources of inspiration!