About Sandstone Gallery

Current Gallery Artists
Located at 2913 2nd Ave. N. in Billings Montana, Sandstone Gallery is a co-operative gallery of 19 active members.  Each member is a vital part of the ownership and success of the gallery. 

The current management committee as follows:

  • Director - Leo Olson 

  • Assistant Director - Sue Hammersmark

  • Treasurer - Jennifer Crain-Baretta

  • Gallery Coordinator - Madelein Bladow

  • Marketing Director - Jennifer Crain-Baretta

  • Secretary  -  Donna Moore

The gallery coordinates with the Downtown Billings Association and participates in events such as 
Art Walks and special events.  

Reaching out to the community with art and creativity.
Sandstone Gallery events (unless otherwise indicated) coinside with Fine Art Fridays and downtown ArtWalks.  These events are held the first Friday of each month and featured artists are recognized with public receptions.  The receptions may provide complimentary hors d'oeuvres and refreshments.  Performance Art is often part of the festivities with dance groups or musicians.

Join us and celebrate Art