Donna Moore
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Donna Moore
Specialty:  Minutely detailed watercolor paintings and miniatures.

Media: Watercolor

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Born and raised in Central Montana I moved to Seattle in 1964 to accept a Medical Technologist position at Virginia Mason Medical Center.  I retired from this position in 2005 and moved back to Montana.  Although my academic background was in the natural sciences, I never abandoned my childhood dream of becoming an artist.  Over the years I have catered to this dream whenever ther opportunity availed itself including elecitve credits in art at Whitwhorth College, sculpture classes at Seattle Community College as well as various drawing and painting workshops.

The last several years have been devoted to developing my own style.  The direction of which has been influenced by my love for animals both wild and domestic.  My desire is to capture the spirit and unique personality of each animal.  Recently I have been venturing into capturing the human spirit and personality.

I believe art completes our souls whether one is an active participant or one who appreciates art, be it music, theater or the visual arts.