Dick Cottrill
Wildlife and it’s habitat is a fascinating subject to many people.
To Cottrill it is more than simply painting or drawing a picture of an
animal. As a young boy hunting with his father, Dick saw a majestic bull moose foraging the bottom of a small lake, an impressive and awesome sight! He was hooked! Wild animals their habitat and way of life became his obsession. Whether watercolor, acrylic or pencil, Dick captures the majestic essence of Montana wildlife and the outdoors by blending his knowledge of wildlife and their environment along with his artistic skills. 
Dick received his Master of Art Degree from the University of Northern Colorado in 1978. After having taught art in the Billings Public School system for 38 years, Dick retired last spring giving him time to pursue his passion and spend time with his family.
Dick Cottrill
Specialty:Wildlife and it's habitat.

Media: Watercolor, acrylic, pencil